A catalyst for the sustainable utilization and management of estuaries

CERC is a small nonprofit company established in 2021, by a group of scientists, concerned about the vulnerability of estuarine systems and the limited information available for estuary management and conservation.

Three Oystercatchers on the beach.

Our Mission

Improve understanding of the functioning of estuarine ecosystems through scientifically sound research and monitoring programmes that will guide the management and conservation of these fragile systems.
Develop estuarine and marine educational resources to share knowledge with the public in order to raise awareness of the functioning and value of estuarine ecosystems.
Networking with other organisations and citizen science initiatives to promote conservation, rehabilitation and protection of the biodiversity of estuaries.
Working with accredited rehabilitation centres for the rescue, stabilisation and transport of endangered seabirds and turtles.
The development of various citizen science initiatives.

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